Senior living

Mt. Scott Residential Care Facility

This project involved the installation of a steel brace system to provide window openings in an unreinforced masonry building.

Evergreen Avenue Continuing Care Community

Full engineering services were provided for three types of facilities for this continuing care residential community. The project consisted of a single-level, 38,900-square-foot assisted living facility; a three-story, 121,300-square-foot continuing care facility; and three single-level, 1,270-square-foot independent living duplexes.

Wood was used as the primary building material for all three structures with light, wood-framed shear walls to resist the lateral load. With a two-story center community atrium area, this continuing care facility is an H-shaped structure that required a two-story ordinary moment-resisting frame to resist lateral loads. The facility was designed as seven independent structures connected together with conservatories using seismic isolation joints.


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GSA Schedule GS10F105AA

SBA Certified Small Business Enterprise (#P0669937)


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