Quail Ridge House Remodel, Happy Valley, OR

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Miller Consulting Engineers came to the aid of a local architectural firm Roman Design to provide structural engineering for the concrete walkway and patio cover for this new residence.

Designing the new concrete walkway and patio cover to be self-supporting, MCE helped to ensure that the new loads did not affect the existing home. Perched at the top of a 100-foot stairway, the patio was designed with hidden custom connections throughout the timber trusses and steel columns.

At the top of the new walkway, MCE engineered the new patio, covered by a cantilevered, column-supported structure made of steel columns to support wood beams and custom timber trusses.

The upper and lower terrace has an elevated reinforced concrete slab supported by concrete bearing walls that rest on continuous footings supported by driven steel pipe piles.


Eagle's Nest Bungalow

The Eagle's Nest Bungalow honors the beauty and tranquility of the Mt. Hood Wilderness. The cabin is nestled alongside the Sandy River and is built with energy efficiency in mind; high-tech insulation and heating systems, energy efficient windows and on-demand water heaters were all incorporated into the design. Additionally, the latest septic technology was used to ensure that the water consumed in the bungalows returns safely to the local water table.

Miller Consulting Engineers worked to achieve the aesthetic features common with traditional timber frame design. The joinery of the heavy timbers posed challenges with the lateral force resistance system, requiring the use of custom-adapted Simpson Strong-Walls with high shear capacity. The multiple types of joinery were also challenging when analyzing vertical force resistance; types of joinery utilized at Eagle’s Nest included diminished-haunch shoulder mortise and tenon, traditional through mortise with extended tenon and hard-wood pegged half-lap joist pockets. The final product is beautiful and is being used as a wilderness rental cabin through Mt. Hood Lifestyle Bungalows.     

For more information about the Mt. Hood Lifestyle bungalows they may be reached at

SW Portland Residential Addition


This residential project represents a design that provides both beauty and structure.  Miller Consulting Engineers performed the structural design services for this project which involved constructing a residential addition below the existing garage.
In order for this space to have a light and open feeling, the architectural design called for full height windows on three sides of the structure.  This eliminated the use of conventional wall framing as a way to support the detached two-car garage above.  The use of timber frames inside of the structure allows the architectural design to function with the structural needs of the building.
To withstand wind and earthquake loads the design is further complicated by the steep site below the below the building.  
The floor addition below the existing garage required a complete structural analysis for the entire building, with strengthening measures to be provided to allow the structure to meet the more stringent requirements of the current code. 
Due to the architectural requirements of the new space, some of the existing timber frames were removed, requiring further strengthening measures to be taken for the remaining structural elements.

 The architectural design of this project was provided by Jeff Stern of Insitu Architecture and was constructed by Right Arm Construction.  The success of this project is a reflection of the teamwork and skill of the design and construction team.


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GSA Schedule GS10F105AA

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