Stark Street Mixed-Use Building Portland, Oregon

This mixed-use building features loft style living in the Mt. Tabor neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. The use of stone veneers and exposed wood decks provide a northwest feel. This three-story, 14,745-square-foot structure has retail space at the lower level with townhouses in the upper levels and an on-site covered parking structure.

While providing structural calculations, drawings, and construction services, the layout and shape of this property presented numerous design challenges for our team. 

The project consisted of two separate structures connected with a common walkway. The lower level of Building 1 was open to retail space, while the lower level of Building 2 consisted of a parking garage (2,379 square feet). The upper floors of the buildings were made up of six townhouses.

The typical structural frame was constructed of wood framing with the exception of the parking garage and the balconies. The parking garage ceiling was framed using a composite concrete floor and structural steel beams, while the exterior walls of the parking garage were a combination of cast-in-place concrete and masonry.

Stonewater Retaining Walls, Hillsboro, Oregon

The planning of this residential community required the construction of a retaining wall over 900 feet long varying in height from 10 to 16 feet. In addition, the requirement to incorporate a 6-foot-tall masonry fence on top for privacy and safety was designed. The retaining wall was designed and constructed as a cast-in-place, 12-inch-thick concrete cantilever wall design with reinforcing steel on each face in order to take loads from both directions. Because the wall was constructed in winter, it was required to withstand wind from both sides until spring came allowing backfilling operations to begin. As a result, MCE designed the wall to take loads from both directions. Additionally, Miller Consulting Engineers provided coordination with the site development design team. Further, Miller Consulting Engineers determined the structural system, checked and stamped structural calculations and drawings, while providing answers to field questions during construction services.

Reedville Elementary Play Structure, Aloha, Oregon


Miller Consulting Engineers provided a vertical and lateral analysis of the play structure as a cantilevered column system. The roof beams were designed as tapered and curved glued laminated. Also included a free-standing masonry wall for wall ball.
A unique aspect of this project included the structural members serving as the final finishes. Also, because the structure is located on slopped grade, it required some design flexibility to accommodate the slope.
The project was on a tight timeline since construction revolved around the school year schedule.
MCE made detailing recommendations to cut costs on material while providing multiple design options for cost estimates (i.e. foundation options, column, roof purlins and decking).  



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