Solar PV Arrays

The unique structural anchorage and support of solar panel arrays have many different requirements.  The structural engineer must have specific knowledge as to the various wind, seismic, and equipment loads on the roof system so that the anchorage and support design can be demonstrated to  meet the local building requirements.  For solar panels on existing buildings, these  challenges often require specific knowledge as to how the original building is constructed, and the original materials used.  

For new construction, there is usually more flexibility as to the supports and anchorage designs used.  With these systems minimizing support costs and developing PV array support designs that  minimize the impact on the structure, improving longer term maintenance costs and longevity of the support systems.

The recent popularity of PV array systems has allowed Miller Consulting Engineers, Inc. to gain specific knowledge and experience in working with structural aspects of PV array hardware.  Our office has worked with a variety of manufacturers systems with varying methods of anchorage.  We have local contractors such as Imagine Energy, Inc. who specialize in installation of PV array systems as well as international company's such as The Garland Company who specializes in roofing systems.  Our office has provided structural designs for these companies to help them with their specific strategies for use of their product or services for PV array system.

Our firm has developed long term relationships with various contractors and suppliers specializing in PV solar panel.  The unique experience we provide gives our clients an edge in terms of efficiency and safety of the structural designs.


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GSA Schedule GS10F105AA

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