Nance Residence

Nance Pool and Garden House

This project was featured in Better Homes and Garden magazine in the November 2003 publication entitled "Tropical Punch."

The Nance pool and pool house project was constructed in the theme of a tropical cabana, yet in a colder Pacific Northwest environment.  The architectural design of this building presented numerous structural challenges.

Miller Consulting Engineers, Inc. was involved in the structural design of this multi-level garden house, as well as supporting the pool, and providing structural design of the retaining walls to develop enough space on this site to provide the architectural amenities.

The architectural vision of this structure was of a wood-framed tropical hut, but structurally required a more permanent building that would resist the wind, seismic, and snow loading of the Pacific Northwest.  The structural design of the building was complicated by large openings on all sides of the building and roof making the use of conventional wood-framed construction techniques impractical.

The lack of permanently fixed walls on the building required additional creativity in the structural design.  To provide a safe, usable structure, the seismic and wind forces were resisted by using specially designed wood moment frames to resist wind and seismic loading while allowing for an open, airy atmosphere.

Specially designed wood moment frames were utilized to reduce the need to hide structural elements.  Design of the moment connections required special considerations to provide the strength requirements necessary and reduce the effects of wood shrinkage and other effects of using wood materials.

The site of this pool and garden house was relatively steep requiring extensive use of concrete retaining walls to provide adequate space for the pool and building.


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