Dukes Family Vinyard

Dukes Family Vineyard Winery and residence

The Dukes Family Vinyard Winery building is both a residence and a working winery.  This unique structure was originally a barn located approximately 20 miles away.  The original building, constructed prior to the 1900s using all wood construction, was taken apart piece by piece and reconstructed on the scenic vineyard setting. Unique to this structure was the oak pins holding the main building timbers together. 

A portion of this building is a residence, and part is available for wine tasting, as well as barrel storage and processing area.  More information regarding the Dukes Family Vineyard may be found at www.dukesfamilyvineyards.com.

 The architectural design was provided by Brittell Architecture.


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GSA Schedule GS10F105AA

SBA Certified Small Business Enterprise (#P0669937)


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